Parameters for selecting an ideal equipment bag

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Parameters for Selecting an Ideal Equipment Bag

Baden Heavy Duty Mesh Ball Bag (18-Balls)1Before finalizing upon sports equipment bag, it is very essential to check in certain parameters that would meet up with the user’s requirements:

1. It is very essential for a user to check functionality above the aesthetic appearance of an equipment bag. There are several equipment bags that score high on looks but fail on functionality. In such a scenario, the buyer should not get lured towards it.

2. The material of equipment bag is of prime importance. It helps in deciding the usage life of that bag.

3. Sports equipment bags are easily available in different shapes and sizes. Hence it is fit to check all the sizes before making the purchase. The bag should be spacious enough to load in the required accessories.

4. Equipment bags are available in different colors. Hence, buyer can easily choose from different types of colors to match up well with other present accessories.

5. The equipment bag should be transparent enough to easily access the required item from the bag.

6. It is good to go in for a branded one rather than compromising upon it. Branded equipment bags ensure a trust worthy usage of genuine material. Hence, it ensures long life of that equipment bag.

Benefits of utilizing equipment bags

Kwik Goal Equipment Bag2The following are the benefits of using an equipment bag:

1. Equipment Bags are available for multiple purposes. Hence, it can be well used for numerous required reasons.

2. Equipment bags help in bringing a systematic approach in the system. Since they are readily used to carry required things, the burden greatly decreases upon the user.

3. They help in storing accessories easily. Also some equipment bags are see-through ones. Hence the user can easily spot the required things just by glancing upon it.

4. Although equipment bags are light in weight, they can easily hold heavy weighing items. As a result of this, it automatically benefits the health of the person as well. Instead of getting one self burdened with heavy weight items, the user can easily carry the equipment bag consisting of things.

5. The buyer can easily go in for the desired and required one. Since these bags are available in different sizes, user can select the one that meets up his or her requirements.

6. The equipment bags are available in a wide range of color options. Hence, they can easily choose the desired color.

Top brands present in this segment:

BSN Heavy-Duty Mesh Equipment Bag-h1. BSN Heavy-Duty Mesh Equipment Bag: BSN Heavy-Duty Mesh Equipment Bag keeps all the balls required for the game together at one single place. The bag is specially designed making it easy for the users to carry it back and forth from the locker room to the athletic field and back again. The best feature of the bag is its material. Being of mesh, it is quite light in weight. The bag is big enough to carry up to 12 balls at one go. Although it can carry so many balls, it can be folded and kept in the locker. It measure 32″ x 36″, an apt size. The mesh equipment bag features a clipping drawstring that enables secure closure. In addition, the bag comes with a warranty of 1 year, which is the best advantage by far.

Vizari Heavy Duty Ball Bag - 24x36 inches-h2. Vizari Heavy Duty Ball Bag – 24×36 inches: Vizari Heavy Duty Ball Bag is designed of mesh to make it easy to identify the balls, even if the players are in a hurry. The bag is available in two colors, black and white. Users can choose the colors that they prefer and match it with their uniform. The weight of the Vizari equipment bag in color black is just 6.4 ounces while the one in color white weighs 5.6 ounces. It can be lifted and carried along without any difficult. With this weight, it is even easy to stuff it in the locker, without any hassle. The bag is big enough to hold as many as 12 soccer balls of size 5. The bag is imported from Taiwan and is of a very high quality.

Baden Heavy Duty Mesh Ball Bag (18-Balls)-h3. Baden Heavy Duty Mesh Bag: Baden heavy duty mesh bag can hold 18 official size soccer balls at one go. It is composed of heavy duty mesh. The bag is reinforced for additional durability. There are a variety of features in the bag that make it a perfect fit for coaches and players. The dimensions of the bag are 21 inches in length, 13 inches in width and 12 inches in height. It weighs just 5lbs i.e. 1.5 pounds. The design of the Baden heavy duty mesh bag is quite stylish. The black and white combination with a huge logo of Baden in the front attracts instant attention. The mesh material makes it easy to locate the contents of the bag while on the field. Baden heavy duty mesh bag is quite spacious and can even carry gears and equipments related to sports besides the ball. It is designed to bear the weight of the equipments.

Champion Sports Mesh Equipment Bag (24 X 36)-h4. Champion Sports Equipment Bags: The highly durable Champion Sports Equipment bag is light in weight and hence easy to carry. It comes with the dimensions of 24”L x 36”W and is designed using heavy duty nylon mesh. It also sports a drawstring and cord which enables the user to lock all the sporting equipments to be carried. Just so that the user does not misplace his or her equipment bag, it also features an ID tag to easily label and distinguish it from others’ bags. These handy and multi-purpose bags are available in the colors of scarlet, gold, black, green, royal blue, orange, navy and purple. The bags are so strong that they have the capacity to hold 10 soccer balls (maximum). In shipping, the product might weigh as high as 1 pound.

Molten Mesh Ball Bag Holds up to 12 Soccer or Volleyballs (Black)-h5. Molten Equipment Bag: The Molten Equipment Bag is a unique mesh bag that comes in different shapes such as round and rectangle. It is exclusively designed to contain 12 inflated soccer balls (maximum) or even the volleyballs for that matter. This mesh bag is lightweight and highly durable. It is available in the color of black. This nylon / mesh equipment bag also features drawstring that firmly holds all the stuff safely together. The Molten rectangular ball bag is made using nylon and can carry upto 6 inflated (official size) volleyballs. For the convenience of carrying it to multiple places, the rectangular Molten Equipment bag includes shoulder straps too.

Brine Soccer Mesh Nylon Bag (Royal, OSZ)-h6. Brine Soccer Mesh Nylon Bag: Brine Soccer Equipment Bag is a drawstring mesh ball bag which is appropriately perfect for the soccer players be it kids, youth or the coaches. It aids in carrying their whole equipments in one single bag. The Brine Soccer Equipment Bag drawstring can hold up to 10 retailed packed soccer balls. The bag comes in the royal blue color which looks very trendy and sporty. With great reputation amongst the masses, Brine is also considered ideal for their equipment bags. Thus Brine Soccer Mesh Nylon Bag has been picked up very frequently by customers online. The Royal OSZ is one of these bags which is manufactured in Nylon material and has mesh in pattern. The Brine Soccer Mesh Nylon Bag has been manufactured keeping in the standard bar code EAN (European Article Number) which is European version for UPC (Universal Product Code). Thus the Brine Soccer Equipment Bag is manufactured and sold keeping the UPC and EAN standards in mind; creating a good value for the bag.

Tachikara BBB Nylon & Mesh Ball Bag-h7. Tachikara BBB Nylon and Mesh Ball Bag: Tachikara Equipment Bag has the new mesh drawstring style which allows the user to see through it. The Tachikara BBB Nylon and mesh Nylon bag can hold up to 12-15 balls firmly. The bag is exclusively available in only black color. The Tachikara Equipment Bag can be used by both men and women. The dimensions of the Tachikara Equipment Bag are 37″H x 17″D. There is only one size available for this equipment bag. The Tachikara BBB Nylon and Mesh Nylon bag can hold up balls and other accessories like the cones, inflation needles, valve tool, balls and jerseys. The Tachikara Equipment Bag weighs at 5 pound. The Tachikara Company gives a 1 year warranty for this multipurpose bag, which is checked in advance in the workshops before putting on sell.

Tachikara TMB Mesh Ball Bag-h8. Tachikara TMB Mesh Ball Bag: The Tachikara TMB Mesh Ball Bag is a mesh styling bag. It is of strong built and durable in finishing. It possesses a capacity of holding up to 7-8 big inflated balls. Tachikara Equipment Bag can easily hold normal size 8-12 inflated balls in one go. Weighing at only 0.0045 pounds, the Tachikara Equipment Bag stands out to be the lightest one amongst all. The best thing about this Tachikara Equipment Bag is that it has a drawstring chord luck which makes it secure to use. The bag size is very big. It has a dimension of 10 x 6 x 1.9 inches.

Kwik Goal Equipment Bag-h9. Kwik Goal Equipment Bag: The Kwik goal Equipment Bag measures 24” by 36” and 48” by 36”. It features a heavy-duty nylon material construction that can be used to carry sports gear and balls. It includes a drawstring cord with cord lock. An Equipment Bag is a convenient way to store all your sports equipment. An Equipment Bag is made of a durable nylon material that lets air flow freely for freshness. It includes a pull drawstring which is heavy duty that securely closes the bag. These Kwik goal equipment bags are available in different colors like pink, white, grey, black. These bags are also available in different sizes too. They are the all purpose bags for sport balls and equipment. It can be used for several purposes namely swimming purposes, sports purpose, etc…, The bag weighs around 8 ounces; making it easy to carry.

Sports-Equipment-Laundry-Snorkel-Shoulder-h10. Keeble Outlets Equipment Bag: The Keeble Outlets Equipment Bag is made of a durable nylon mesh material that lets air flow freely for fast drying, including a pull drawstring that securely closes the bag. These drawstrings are heavy duty ones that do not get spoilt. A small compartment stores smaller items such as goggles safely. The Keeble Outlets Equipments Bag includes two straps that let the user carry the bag over one’s shoulder or hang for easy storage. The size of the bag is 30” by 40” which gives a good storage capacity. The Keeble Outlets Equipment Bag is a convenient way to store all your swim equipment as they are made of water resistant material. These mesh bags are lightweight and are fantastic for transporting and storing boxing gloves, mitts & focus pads or softball umpire’s and catchers gear.

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