Vizari Heavy Duty Ball Bag – 24×36 inches

Posted on 3rd January 2021 in Detail Review

Vizari Heavy Duty Equipment BagProduct Introduction:

Ball bags have become a necessity rather than a luxury. They are designed especially for the players and coaches to carry a huge number of balls to the field from the locker room at one go. There is a selection of ball bags available in the market. They are ideal for storing and transporting different varieties of sports balls to the fields. It is necessary to select heavy duty balls bags to save the embarrassment of the bag giving up midway. Vizari heavy duty equipment bag is designed to become a right company to the players and coaches. It helps them transport the equipment and the balls to and from the field. The top quality bags by Vizari are not only reliable and stylish but also affordable. There are a variety of colors, sizes and styles available to choose from. Know more about the Vizari heavy duty equipment bag here.

Product Details:

Vizari Heavy Duty Ball BagVizari heavy duty ball bag is loaded with a number of features that players and coaches look forward to in an equipment bag. Firstly, it is designed of mesh to make it easy to identify the balls, even if the players are in a hurry. The bag is available in two colors, black and white. Users can choose the colors that they prefer and match it with their uniform. The weight of the Vizari equipment bag in color black is just 6.4 ounces while the one in color white weighs 5.6 ounces. It can be lifted and carried along without any difficult. With this weight, it is even easy to stuff it in the locker, without any hassle. The bag is big enough to hold as many as 12 soccer balls of size 5. The bag is imported from Taiwan and is of very high quality.


Vizari heavy duty equipment bag is perfect for everyday use. It can be carried to the field for practice on a routine basis. The bag is such designed that it can withstand regular wear and tear. It lasts for many seasons without giving any trouble to the users. The bag is quite spacious and has room for holding many balls, sports equipments and tit bits. The mesh of the bag is quite thick and it does not tear easily. Vizari heavy duty ball bag has been the number one choice of soccer players around the world. The bag keeps the balls and other stuff related to the game in an organized and systematic manner. Users who have purchased the bag and have been using it are of the opinion that the bag is quite durable. The material is such that it does not get damaged easily.


Vizari Heavy Duty Nylon Net Ball BagsVizari heavy duty equipment bag is a good investment for serious and dedicated players. It is not only stylish, but also loaded with a variety of features for the players and the coaches who can use it on a regular basis. Well priced, the bag is easy in reach and offers a good value over the period of usage. It lasts for years together without any damages. There are no disadvantages or drawbacks of investing in this durable and practical equipment bag from Vizari. The brand is known for offering a variety of solutions to the players on and off the field by introducing a variety of products.


The high quality product from Vizari is one of the best buys. The high quality mesh and versatile features make it quite practical and handy. In addition, it is a great organizer and keeps the sports stuff systematically. Vizari heavy duty ball bag is versatile and can be used for sports and camping too.


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