Tachikara BBB Nylon & Mesh Ball Bag

Posted on 2nd January 2021 in Detail Review

Tachikara BBB Nylon & Mesh Ball BagProduct Introduction:

The tagline says it all, “We bring the ball, you bring the game”. Tachikara is one of the leading manufacturers of balls of different sports, fitness equipments and the supporting accessories. Tachikara has various accessories supporting the game like cones, aluminum valve tool, the inflation needles and most importantly the Tachikara BBB Nylon and Mesh Ball Bag. Tachikara BBB Nylon and Mesh Ball Bag is an ideally manufactured and designed multipurpose equipment bag, which can be used for various purposes like holding the sports stuff, etc…

Product Details:

Tachikara Equipment Bag is an all purpose nylon ball bag. It has the new mesh drawstring style which allows the user to see through it. The Tachikara BBB Nylon and mesh Nylon bag can hold up to 12-15 balls firmly. The bag is exclusively available in only black color. The Tachikara Equipment Bag can be used by both men and women. The dimensions of the Tachikara Equipment Bag are 37″H x 17″D. There is only one size available for this equipment bag. The Tachikara BBB Nylon and Mesh Nylon bag can hold up balls and other accessories like the cones, inflation needles, valve tool, balls and jerseys. The Tachikara Equipment Bag weighs at 5 pound. The shipping can be easily done outside US and Canada also. The Tachikara Company gives a 1 year warranty for this multipurpose bag, which is checked in advance in the workshops before putting on sell. If by any means there is a default from the company’s side, a full product replacement is done by Tachikara without charging any additional or extra cost.


Tachikara Nylon and Mesh ball bagThe Tachikara Equipment Bag has been voted as the most durable and strong bag in comparison to other bags present in market. There have been also reviews stating that the Tachikara Equipment Bag can carry volleyballs, soccer balls, beach balls and toys and other accessories with ease. It also has big opening which makes it easy to pack the stuff in less time after the game finishes. The capacity of the Tachikara Equipment Bag is to hold upto 12-15 inflated balls. The bag can survive rough handling like being dragged or thrown. It is a heavy duty ball bag, which stands up well when balls are put in it. There is also a heavy duty shoulder strap attached at the back of the bag, making it easier to carry from place to place.


Tachikara Equipment Bag though being appreciated by the sport lovers, still has some disadvantages which are as follows:

Tachikara BBB Nylon 1. There is no drawstring chord attached in this equipment bag. Hence, it becomes difficult for users to stuff the balls and other things in this bag.


2. There is a constant fear of things getting spilled outside the bag. Hence, it becomes difficult for the buyer in taking up the final purchase decision.


3. The user needs to consistently tie up knots while carrying it. Hence this could be a big hassle all the time.


4. It does not have the pockets for keeping the balls intact in it. Hence, it becomes difficult for buyers to hold it at ease.


Tachikara Equipment Bag proves to be the strong, durable and tough bag to use for a long period of time. Although the product comes with certain disadvantages, yet they cannot hinder the purchase decisions of the buyers. Customers have loved it and showed a keen interest in purchasing the bag. Thus, Tachikara Equipment Bag is an all purpose bag which can carry all sorts of balls and accessories; making storage and carrying easy for the person.


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