Keeble Outlets Equipment Bag

Posted on 2nd January 2021 in Detail Review

Sports Equipment BagProduct Introduction:

An equipment bag is one in which you can keep all your equipments relating to sports, swimming, etc… These equipment bags can be used for many purposes like laundry bag, beach bag, or snorkel gear bag. These bags are perfect for storing soccer balls, scuba gears, or beach toys. These bags are great for ball games, sports meets and the beach stuff. All the items relating to these activities needs to be transported from one place to another and thus the Keeble Outlets Equipment Bag is perfect for you.

Product Detail:

Mesh Laundry BagThe Keeble Outlets Equipment Bag is made of a durable nylon mesh material that lets air flow freely for fast drying, including a pull drawstring that securely closes the bag. These drawstrings are heavy duty ones that do not get spoilt. A small compartment stores smaller items such as goggles safely. The Keeble Outlets Equipments Bag includes two straps that let the user carry the bag over one’s shoulder or hang for easy storage. The size of the bag is 30” by 40” which gives a good storage capacity. These bags can be easily washed in washing machine. The mesh material allows maximum airflow. The Keeble Outlets Equipment Bag is a convenient way to store all your swim equipment as they are made of water resistant material. These mesh bags are lightweight and are fantastic for transporting and storing boxing gloves, mitts & focus pads or softball umpire’s and catchers gear.


Beach Bag or Snorkel Gear Bag with Shoulder StrapKeeble Outlets Equipment Bag brings in great amount of advantages for the user. The mesh design allows maximum airflow. Hence it prevents the need to lay out the gears right after every use. It is also very easy for the user to clean and dry the bag. These bags are huge and light, and thus hold almost everything that is required for playing sports. The presence of shoulder straps in this equipment bag enables the user to carry it easily on his shoulders. The shoulder straps can get easily adjusted. Hence it can be easily carried by anyone.

The backpack style of the bag makes it very easy to carry it anywhere. This bag is great to put all the sand toys in for the boat. Mesh makes it easy for the excess sand and water to flow out of it before storing it in the boat. Kids would love the strap to put on their back for carry back and forth to beach. These bags have super tough built which makes them very durable. They are jumbo in size to take in all your stuff. They have locking drawstring to secure all of your gear.


Along with the advantages of the bag there are few cons of the product which should be given a thought for. The Keeble Outlets Equipment Bag would work well for transporting sporting equipments, but it’s almost too big for just one or two people. The bag is great for a family that is lugging towels, buckets, shovels and various kids’ beach toys. However it will not keep the sand completely out of it. The bag is quite large in size. Hence it would sometimes become difficult for the user to carry it with great ease. A petite person will not be able to use the bag conveniently as it is too large.


The Keeble Outlets Equipment Bag is a good buy for everyone as it solves household purposes like laundry or sports for athletes or beach for kids. The backpack straps provide a comfortable way to carry the gear to the pool. This bag is huge and would be great for those who travel with a lot of gear.


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