Molten Mesh Ball Bag, Holds up to 12 Soccer or Volleyballs (Black)

Posted on 2nd January 2021 in Detail Review

Molten Mesh Ball BagProduct Introduction:

Every individual who is into sports understands the importance of the accessories that compliment their profession. It may include hand gloves, head gear, shoulder bags, arm bands, head bands, wrist bands and various other safety gears. Brands such as Nike, Adidas, Vizari, Molten and Champion are few names that one may reckon with for meeting such needs. Molten is another brand that specializes in manufacturing sportswear. It is the world’s largest manufacturer of ball and sports equipment. Established in 1958, Molten Corporation was set up in USA. It is also well known for constructing basketball, handball, football and volleyball for official games and competitions too. The company also holds the record of designing official molten volleyballs for the US national teams in the year 1997. One of its innovative creations has been the mesh equipment bag. As a sportsman, professionals need a durable, spacious bag for carrying the soccer balls or volleyballs. The Molten Equipment bag steps right on time to meet the needs of the players.

Product Details:

The Molten Equipment Bag is a unique mesh bag that comes in different shapes such as round and rectangle. It is exclusively designed to contain 12 inflated soccer balls (maximum) or even the volleyballs for that matter. This mesh bag is lightweight and highly durable. It is available in the color of black. This nylon / mesh equipment bag also features drawstring that firmly holds all the stuff safely together. The Molten rectangular ball bag is made using nylon and can carry upto 6 inflated (official size) volleyballs. For the convenience of carrying it to multiple places, the rectangular Molten Equipment bag includes shoulder straps too.

Molten Nylon/Mesh Ball BagAdvantages:

The Molten Equipment Bag is large enough to contain sportswear. The bag is made to include a zipper that properly locks the valuables. It can be easily folded to fit into a pocket. The front side includes a small pocket that can be used for placing needles, air pump, hole patches or even a wallet. Many of the users confirm that the Molten Equipment bag is quite reasonably priced with a tag of $18.05. Professional coaches and instructors also believe that these equipment bags are well constructed owing to the strong mesh or webbing. It ensures that the valuables remain safe. While shipping, these bags weigh about 4.8 ounces.


Most of the people who have bought the Molten Equipment bags believe that these are smart choices for carrying soccer balls and volleyballs. However the only point of dissatisfaction has been the missing shoulder straps in the round equipment bags. Hence for all those people who are looking for bags with shoulder straps can alternatively look at the rectangular Molten Equipment bags too.


The Molten Equipment bag is a brilliant attempt at containing about 12 soccer balls and volleyballs. It may be lacking the shoulder strap. Nevertheless they are sturdy and strong enough to be used for a long span of time. The seams of the bag are well-stitched to hold all the stuff firmly. The black color also helps in making it look less dirty (in case of extensive use). So even without the wash the user might be able to carry it to multiple places. The Molten Equipment bag is easily available online. All the buyer needs to do is get online and direct the website to the particular shop. Place an order and the bag will be shipped to the residence in the stipulated time. This equipment bag may well serve a safe and strong option for storing the sportswear. The drawstrings ensure that the valuables are not lost in transition. If the buyer is an avid sportsman do not give a second thought for buying this excellent multipurpose bag.


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