Champion Sports Mesh Equipment Bag (24 X 36)

Posted on 2nd January 2021 in Detail Review

Champion Sports Equipment BagProduct Introduction:

Every sport demands a player to have the right set of skills and physique to be able to play it. But after focusing on the aptitude of an individual, it is also important to throw some light on the accessories required for playing a sport like soccer, volleyball and tennis. A definite set of accessories such as gloves, socks, headbands, armbands, wristbands and headgear form an essential part of many of these games. Champion is one such brand that does the needful in understanding these requirements. Champion established in 1919, is an American company that manufactures clothes. Typically it is a subsidiary of HanesBrands Inc and is also known to have designed the athletic uniforms for National Basketball Association as well as the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. One of its famous developments has been the Champion Sports Equipment Bag.

Product Details:

Champion Sports Mesh Equipment BagThe highly durable Champion Sports Equipment bag is light in weight and hence easy to carry. It comes with the dimensions of 24”L x 36”W and is designed using heavy duty nylon mesh. It also sports a drawstring and cord which enables the user to lock all the sporting equipments to be carried. Just so that the user does not misplace his or her equipment bag, it also features an ID tag to easily label and distinguish it from others bags. These handy and multi-purpose bags are available in the colors of scarlet, gold, black, green, royal blue, orange, navy and purple. The bags are so strong that they have the capacity to hold 10 soccer balls (maximum). In shipping, the product might weigh as high as 1 pound.


Sports World Champion Equipment BagThe Champion Sports Equipment bag comes with heavy duty stitching because of which they run for a longer period of time. Besides using it for sportswear, the bag doubles up as a bag to carry laundry and kid’s toys as well. At the cost of $5.99, it offers multiple benefits. As a player if the user needs to hop into the gym before or after the game, he can simply use this bag for holding shoes, ball and racket – all together. The Champion Sports Equipment Bag is not just durable but also spacious, easy to keep clean, simple to store and maintain. With so many colors available, one can segregate the bags in terms of their purpose. For example, the red colored equipment bag may signify sports while the blue colored one may be used for laundry alone. One of the best features of the bag is the lock toggle, which keeps the items safe from falling out. Even in cases of laundry or footwear, the bag seems to provide enough ventilation to keep the items from smelling foul.


As such the Champion Sports Equipment bag is very well designed to suit the users’ needs. However in rare instances, few users in the past have complained about the clasp and the drawstrings. According to them, the drawstring was not as firm as it should have been. Therefore one might precisely have to check this before actually buying the mesh equipment bag.


The Champion Mesh Equipment bag offers a unique solution to carry multiple items without any hassles. This is an extremely durable choice. The buyer may use it for longer spans of time and still find no trace of faded colors on the bag. The best part is that it does not stretch an extra budge from its original size despite regular use. Overlooking the quality of the clasp and drawstring, this equipment bag is quite strong. In cases where the bag is used in a place like beach, all the stuff can be simply stacked together. The bag automatically lets out the sand or water for the user to keep the items dry. These are easily available in the online stores in most of the colors at reasonable rates.


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