Baden Heavy Duty Mesh Ball Bag (18-Balls)

Posted on 2nd January 2021 in Detail Review

Baden Heavy Duty Mesh Ball Bag (18-Balls)1Product Introduction:

Equipment bags are very handy and purposeful. They are designed to become a perfect solution for players and coaches who need to carry a variety of equipments, sports gears and balls to the field from the locker room and back again. This makes the bag practical. There are different types of equipment bags available. Equipments bags are heavy duty. They are specifically designed to carry different sports gear of varying weights without giving up midway. The material of the equipment bags last for a long time without resulting in any troubles. It is an art to pack the equipment bag so that it has all the required things available on the field at the right time. The most preferred one is from the brand Baden. Well known name in the field of sports, the brand offers different sports gears and related stuff. It covers a variety of sports and hence, it is quite popular across the world.

Product Details:

Baden Heavy Duty Mesh Ball Bag (18-Balls)2Baden heavy duty mesh bag can hold 18 official size soccer balls at one go. It is composed of heavy duty mesh. The bag is reinforced for additional durability. There are a variety of features in the bag that make it a perfect fit for coaches and players. The dimensions of the bag are 21 inches in length, 13 inches in width and 12 inches in height. It weighs just 5lbs i.e. 1.5 pounds. The design of the Baden heavy duty mesh bag is quite stylish. The black and white combination with a huge logo of Baden in the front attracts instant attention. The mesh material makes it easy to locate the contents of the bag while on the field. Baden heavy duty mesh bag is quite spacious and can even carry gears and equipments related to sports besides the ball. It is designed to bear the weight of the equipments.


Baden equipment bags are a hit among the players and the coaches. Complete with a variety of amazing features, the bag is not only handy but also stylish. It offers great performance. Users like the bag for its sturdiness and design. Considered as one of the best ball bags, it is quite durable than the plain ordinary mesh bags available in the market. Moreover, Baden equipment bag should be considered as an investment for more reasons than one. It lasts for a long duration without giving any kind of troubles to the users. It is great on pocket due to its durability. Quite affordable, the bag is preferred by the users due to its looks and the combination of black and white. Interestingly, the bag features a shoulder strap that makes it extra handy and useful. The large capacity of the bag is an add-on. It makes the practice of the players easy as the bag can be used on a routine basis.


Baden Heavy Duty Mesh Ball Bag (18-Balls)3Baden equipment bag scores high in satisfaction and affordability. There are no disadvantages or shortcomings of this highly useful equipment bag. Complete with different features like extra room for sport supplies, shoulder strap, drawstrings and others, this mesh bag becomes an instant favorite of the users. Offering a long lasting performance, players love the looks of the bag and like to flaunt the same. It is one stylish bag that creates a great impression and increases the confidence of the players.


Without any doubt, Baden equipment bag is worthy of investment. It is full of features that every player would like in his or her equipment bag. Besides, it is heavy duty and hence, can carry excess weight of equipments and sports gear without any hassles.


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